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Band is the "social" app that we use for most announcements, sharing studio photos, calendar events and to provide a space for parents to connect with one another! 

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Please join the school-wide group AND the studio specific to your learner. Unsure which studio to join, CLICK HERE for a studio roster. 

Acton Academy West End is committed to continual growth and improvement. We rely on our customers (our parents and Heroes) to help us know how we are doing in fulfilling our promises. We ask that you and your learner complete this survey weekly. The summary of these surveys will be shared with the Acton West End families and guides. By sharing the results, we uphold our shared value of transparency and accountability to you.

In Addition: To aid in ease for parents and for communicating how we are doing with the Acton Network as a whole, if you wish your rating to be "Excellent" and your child's rating to be "Excellent" and if you have no additional comments, feel free to abstain from the survey. In the same way, if we do not hear from a family, we will count your submission as "Excellent" in both categories. If you just forgot to respond and wish to adjust your rating and add comments, feel free to do so and we will update it accordingly! We hope this helps clarify and even ease our parent’s need to respond to the survey if things are going well and you have nothing to add. Thank you again for linking arms with us in unleashing the greatness in your child!

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share your feedback and let us know how we're doing


Note: The survey is a place for constructive input. This process is not meant to become a place for fostering complaining or negativity, which will poison our community if allowed to grow. If you have a personal issue, please approach us directly and request a conflict resolution.
-We reserve the right to remove any comment that criticizes another parent or Hero.
-We reserve the right to remove any comment that is better dealt with one-on-one, as it is a personal issue and not a community issue.
-If your comment has been removed, please choose to have the courage to approach us directly for a personal conflict resolution.


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